Complete List of Pram Manufacturers

Complete List of Pram Manufacturers (Guide to Stroller Suppliers)

As the pace of modern society continues to accelerate, people, while not working, hope that they can take care of their children more easily. Especially when traveling with children, a lightweight stroller becomes the first choice for parents to go out. This also brings new business opportunities to the majority of children’s vehicle manufacturers.

In addition to the stroller for daily travel and walking,When will people need strollers?If  stroller accommodates an infant car seat or a bassinet or if the seat reclines completely flat, people can use it from birth. If not, people can typically start using a stroller when your baby is around six months old and can sit up and has neck control.

Though it varies by model, most strollers can hold kids up until they weigh about 50 pounds. So although a stroller is a big investment, it’s one people will get a ton of use out of.This also makes more and more opportunities to use strollers.

Buying a new baby stroller isn’t all that different from buying a new car. people will want to ask themselves some of the same questions: How good is the suspension? What kind of terrain can the stroller handle? How does it deal with turns? And what’s the storage like?

many parents like the convenience of a stroller for walking, running and getting out and about with the baby. A stroller provides a comfy and convenient spot for baby—and their things!—when people are on the go.Strollers are helpful for navigating life with their new baby. They make getting out of the house with their little one easier, so although they’re often one of the most expensive items on a registry, people definitely get their money’s worth.

In order to allow more people to choose suitable stroller products, this article will guide you how to choose a reliable stroller manufacturer.

1. Mstar stroller Manufacturer

As a baby stroller manufacturer with a very complete range of goods, Rice Star can provide its customers with a variety of children’s strollers wholesale to meet the needs of various customers. Almost the strollers that can be found on the market are in Rice Star You can find it all here.

At the same time, as a professional manufacturer of strollers, Mstar has many years of experience in the production and export of strollers. At the same time, Mstar has always been well-known for its professional, thoughtful, and innovative services. With its economical, durable, and diversified products, it also occupies an important position among stroller manufacturers. In order to meet customers’ large purchase needs and improve its own business, Mstar is equipped with a professional product development team and sales team, as well as a production workshop with advanced production lines, to provide customers with professional assistance in product sales. Good price control, unobstructed export channels, professional overseas business and rapid product updates have promoted the sustainable development of Mstar.

Mstar stroller supplier always insists that only long-term close cooperation can help itself achieve greater success. Therefore, as a professional supplier of strollers, Mstar will carefully handle every detail of the products required by customers and will do its best to make all products perfect. At the same time, Mstar successfully met the strict requirements of its customers in terms of quality, packaging, delivery time, price, and after-sales service, making its business growth more obvious than its peers.

Product advantages:

  • Professional OEM&ODM service: Mstar can manufacture stroller according to customer’s customized requirements, from material to color, function to specification and so on.
  • Advanced production line: Mstar has the industry’s top abrasive tool manufacturing production line to ensure that products can be manufactured quickly and with high quality.
  • Competitive price: If your order is much enough, Mstar can provide a very competitive wholesale price in the market.
  • Perfect service: Mstar manufacturer provides 24-hour online sales service, which will provide customers with instant response.
  • Skilled engineers and workers. Every year, our factory will train all workers.

2. City Mini stroller Manufacturer

The City Mini is an overwhelming stroller manufacturer. The products of this popular stroller supplier boast an unbeatable combination of price and performance. Their products are easy to push and steer, features all-terrain forever air rubber wheels and all-wheel suspension, a near-flat seat recline, and a true one-handed fold.

City Mini’s history in the stroller manufacturing industry can be traced back a long time ago. As a stroller manufacturer with rich experience, the City Mini which established in Guangdong in 1994 is very famous. At the same time, starting with City Mini has sold prams all over the world in more than 20 years, and has gradually become one of the most influential stroller suppliers in China.

In the beginning, the City Mini set its goal to become a pram provider that improves the quality of people’s life. It uses the quality and value of the stroller to enhance people’s happiness the life. At the same time,  City Mini is a top shower head manufacturer. In addition to good quality, the products also have many features such as a reversible seat; one-handed folding; locking front swivel wheels; reclines flat; large canopy and so one.

  • Professional design team: It can meet the customization needs in terms of color, material, style, function and so on.
  • Innovative advanced technology.
  • Equipped with a complete modern testing machine to ensure the reliability and durability of the product

3. Vista Stroller Manufacturer

If you are looking for a manufacturer that can combine cradles and strollers, then Vista will be your most suitable choice. Vista aims to meet the growing needs of families. The biggest feature of their strollers is that they can be Used from birth to growing up. At the same time, Vista has four professional stroller production lines, so it can produce different types of stroller products. Even if customers have many customization requirements, Vista can also meet customer needs, such as customizing the main material of the stroller according to customer requirements, Color, size and accessories. As a professional supplier of strollers, Vista products are very popular in many parts of the world such as the Middle East, South America and Africa. Over the years, Vista has won a good reputation and praise from customers by relying on good service and product quality. In order to make new customers have a higher degree of trust in the products, Vista has invested huge manpower and financial resources to upgrade the production line and improve Many related certifications, such as CE, ROHS, TUV, etc., have been carried out for our products, which makes our products more and more competitive in the market.

Product advantages

  • Lower MOQ
  • Faster shipping speed
  • More than 10 years of experience in stroller manufacturing
  • Multiple industry standard certification
  • More functionality

4. Goodbaby stroller Manufacturer

Goodbaby International Holdings Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading children’s products company and China’s largest maternal and child product brand, distribution and retail platform. It was founded by Song Zheng in Kunshan in 1989 and specializes in the research and development of children and maternal and child products. Manufacturing and omni-channel distribution and retail. “Caring for children, serving the family, and giving back to the society”, Goodbaby takes “improving children’s living environment and improving children’s quality of life” as its mission for 30 years. Through continuous innovation, it spares no effort to provide safe, easy-to-use and caring for parents all over the world. High-quality childcare products create a healthy and happy growth environment for children.

The strollers produced by Goodbaby are of extremely high quality. In order to ensure the quality of the products, Goodbaby has specially built experiments that meet international quality certification standards. Room, this is difficult for other stroller manufacturers to achieve. In addition, Goodbaby is committed to “using the technology of the automobile industry, the knowledge of the electronics industry, and the spirit of the aerospace industry” to make strollers for children.

Under the culture of all employees pursuing excellence, Goodbaby has implemented the “Japanese Wind Project” to fully Give full play to the wisdom of employees, lean to improve every production link in a “how fast and good saving” way, and strive to “zero defects”. Goodbaby’s production line uses modern production equipment and advanced technology, and introduces scientific process management. Advanced production technology, excellent management concept and excellent processing equipment can provide customers with various styles of strollers.

Product advantages:

  • A full set of production lines, including gravity casting, forging, machining lines, polishing lines and assembly lines.
  • Extensive experience in export business and designing new models
  • Obtaining the quality and environmental management system certification
  • Excellent export team enables Goodbaby to respond quickly and timely to customer needs

5. Cybex stroller Manufacturer

Cybex is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of strollers. For many years, Cybex has been adhering to the eternal spirit of enterprise and is committed to “all products of Cybex represent the highest level of that era”. Different from other brands of strollers, Cybex’s strollers are mainly for mid-to-high-end customers. The use of carbon fiber in the frame material to minimize the weight of the stroller is the most obvious feature of Cybex products. At the same time, Cybex’s strollers are known for their “perfect combination of innovative design and outstanding performance” and have won the famous Red Dot Design Award in the design world. Each Cybex stroller can be called a work of art in terms of details. It has a good breathable fabric, a backrest that can freely adjust the angle, and the superior shock absorber system makes Cybex products impeccable, excellent manufacturing technology and Fashionable artistic cutting-edge design, these make Cybex a classic among stroller manufacturers.

Product advantages

  • A sense of design leading the industry.
  • Advanced manufacturing technology and production line.
  • Best 24-hour after-sales service (including installation and maintenance).
  • Lighter weight, higher safety.

There are many baby stroller manufacturers on the market. If you want to choose a reliable supplier in this industry, please read the above article carefully.

The above are the five most popular pram manufacturers on the market. If you have a need to wholesale pram in large quantities, then focus on them.

How to Choose Kids Bike?

Looking for kids’ bike is somewhat different than looking for adult bikes. The reason is that when we are purchasing the kid’s bike, then they are measured by the size of the wheel.

However, on the other side, we choose the adult bike based on the frame. Usually, the kid’s bike starts at 12 inches wheels and runs through 24-inch wheels. After that, when the kid’s size becomes more significant, you can choose from adult-sized bikes that start with 26-inch wheels.

Wheel size is the first thing you should consider when looking for a kid’s bike. Below is a chart that will guide you in purchasing the correct kid’s bike. I provide you with the estimated age range in this chart, but certain kids whose ages are less, but their height and body size are bigger.

Remember that age is not the major factor when you are sizing a bike for a child. The reason is that there is a difference in kid’s height, legs, and torso within an age bracket. Sometimes, a bike is fit for a 7 years old child but not fit for other children. This is because there is a difference in the body size of both the kids. The bikes which have the same size are also different between bike manufacturers.

Guide to Kids’ Bike Sizing

Bike Wheel Child Height (in.) Approx. Age Inseam (inside leg length)
12-inch 30-39 2-4 12-17
14-inch 37-44 3-5 16-20
16-inch 39-48 5-8 18-22
20-inch 42-52 6-10 21-25
24-inch 50-58 8-12 24-28
26-inch 56+ 10+  


Guides to kids bike sizing

You should purchase that bike for your kid, which fits well because when the bike size is larger, it is difficult for a child to run it. If the bike size fits well, then it is easy for the kids to handle it. On the other side, it is safe and more fun to ride. For this purpose, you must consider the wheel’s size you need and then give your child to try several bikes out.

Buying guide for purchasing a new bike for your child

  1. First of all, you should enquire how tall your child is, especially, you should measure the legs. You can measure it by measuring the distance between the top tube and the ground. This is a very important factor in locating the size of a kid’s bike. For this purpose, the child will be able to travel the bike with their feet flat on the floor. At this point, the crotch is not resting on the top tube of the bike. This thing will ensure the safety and comfort of your kid.
  2. Is your child reach the handlebars? While purchasing the kid’s bike, you should keep in mind that your child is comfortably gripping the handlebars without fully extending their arms. The ideal thing is that there is a slight bend in the elbows. In a 20 inch bike, kids can easily steer and squeeze the hand brakes, which your kid should also do.
  3. Seat height: the seat height is very much important as some bikes are designed so that the kids could write in a more upright position. So your kids would be able to sit comfortably and see their surroundings easily. At the bottom of the pedal stroke, should also bend the legs to some extent.

After all, you should measure the inside legs’ length to make sure that there is enough clearance above the bike standover height. Measuring the length of the inside leg is called the child’s inseam. So for this purpose, you will compare the standover height for specific bikes with the child’s inseam. The child’s inseam should be higher than the standover height, so the child is not resting on the top tube. For example, if the standard height is 17 inches, then the child’s inseam should be 18 inches.

How to measure the child’s inseam?

Usually, the manufacturers make their bikes sizing according to the child’s age or height, but we always recommend to measure the child’s inseam instead of the child’s age or height because it is much more accurate.

  • Wearing the shoes, take your child stand against the wall, feet slightly at a distance.
  • In between the legs, put a hardbound book, spine towards the crotch.
  • When the spine of the book firmly touches the crotch, raise the book.
  • Then level the book with the floor and measure from the ground up to the book’s spine; this is called inseam.

How to check the perfect seat height keeping in mind child inseam and riding ability?

  • The child’s first bike’s seat height should be set by keeping in mind the child’s inseam.
  • The seat of a confident kid can be set to 2-4 inches above their inseam.
  • If the bike has training wheels, then the seat should be set from 0 to 3 inches above the child’s inseam.
  • For the balance bike, the seat should be set 0.5 to 1.5 inches below the child’s inseam.

Kids Bike Guide of different ages

  • 12-inch- and 14-inch-wheel Bicycles

Approximate range: ages 2 to 4 (depending on child’s height and leg length)

Kids always feel freedom and fun to ride on bikes with 12-inch wheels. These bikes have low seats and perfect for the smallest riders. This thing will help the small-sized kids put their feet down and help in learning balance and scooting.

Here you can choose the balance bikes without paddles or the bike with pedals. Sometimes, there are also removable training wheels, so when the child gets used to keep up with the balance, these wheels can be removed.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are the simplest ones that have no crank, pedals, or chain. These bikes have just a frame and wheels. So when the child scoots or walks on the balance bikes, the feet serve as brakes. The good thing about balance bikes is that the kid can easily ride on them and handle them. These bikes are also light in weight so that the kids will travel surprisingly fast on them. The youngest kids will also learn how to coordinate balance and steering.

Bikes with Pedals

These types of bikes come with training wheels and pedals and usually have 12 inch or 14-inch wheels. Keep in mind that you can remove these training wheels and pedals. Training wheels are very good at boosting confidence so they can easily ride on their own. They have coaster brakes at the back and they are also single-speed bicycles. In some models, you can also see an additional rare brake controlled by a hand lever. Young kids do not have enough power to pedal so you have to wait until they are bigger or start them off with a balance bike.

16-inch-wheel Bicycles

Approximate range: ages 5 to 8 (depending on child’s height and leg length)

When the kids start their first bike, the kid will definitely go for the 16-inch bike. This is considered to be the child’s first pedal bike. These bikes usually have rear coaster brakes and usually, come with a one-speed option. In some bikes, the training wheels can be removed. However, if you like to purchase the cruiser bike, then you can go for it if your child is conscious about styling. 

20-inch-wheel Bicycles

Approximate range: ages 6 to 10 (depending on child’s height and leg length)

When you look for a bike with 20-inch wheels, then you will definitely reveal the most bike features. The good thing about these bikes is that they have hand brakes and you can also choose multiple gears. These features are not present in cruiser bikes because coaster brakes are present in them.

Choose the gearing:

Single-speed: These bikes are very easy to use as these are less complicates. It is sometimes difficult to bike up hills.


If your kid’s bike has gears then he or she can easily ride and going uphill will also be easier. So you should go for bikes which have gears, especially for the active kids. If you live in hilly areas then a bike with gears is good for you. Learn more in our article on Bike Gears.

Choosing the style

Mountain Bike: The mountain bikes for kids have wider tires and also has front shocks to soften the impact of rough terrain. So the tires can easily compress and rebound while riding uphill. These wheels are helpful in overall stability. They are good for the kids who want to travel in rough terrains and hilly areas.

Hybrid-style bike: These types of bikes are good for all-around riding. The tires of Hybrid-style bikes are lighter and have narrower tires with front shocks.

24-inch-wheel Bicycles

Approximate range: ages 8 to 12 (depending on the child’s height and leg length)

24-inch bikes have features and options similar to adult bikes. The bike fits into the child and also it depends on how the child plans to use it. It also depends on whether your child wants to take it around the city or to ride off-road. When you purchase the cruiser bike then you must look for the gears and hand brakes. Depending on the styles, there are also different gear options.

Mountain bikes: If your child wants to go off road then mountain bike is the best option. In mountain bikes for kids many features are available specially the size front, suspension, number of gears, as well as components such as hydraulic disc brakes.

Hybrid-style: Hybrid style bikes are suitable for riding around city or neighborhood. These bikes have narrow tires and nano front shock absorbers. Many kids like the hybrid style bikes because they are very easy to handle as well as light in weight.

Other Bike Shopping Tips

  1. First of all, you should check the hand brakes. Keep in mind that your child’s hands can easily operate them.
  2. With the passage of time, you should make adjustments. When your child is learning how to ride on a bike then the seat height should be low enough. If the seat height is low then the kid could easily touch the ground with both feet to stop and catch themselves if they fall. With the passage of time, the child could easily put the feet with tiptoes. Then the kids can easily pedal in a more efficient way. Moreover, it is not hard on their knees.
  3. Accessories: the accessories for the kids bike is very important. Normally, the accessories which are used are streamers, horn, and other accessories.