Double Stroller Wholesale

With the increasing fertility rate, more and more families have two babies. At this time, wholesale double strollers are obviously a good profitable business. Mstar baby stroller manufacturer has many types of double stroller, we can offer ODM/OEM services. Our color options are very rich, in order to give you the opportunity to customize your double stroller, we can supply other colors except for our standard colors and pattern. You can wholesale the best double stroller from Mstar pram manufacturer. Available highest quality guarantee!

  • Min Order: 500pcs/solid color; 1000pcs/printed design.
  • Main Material: cotton, plastic, carbon steel, aluminum alloy.
  • Custom Options: size, private label weight, custom package, color, material, design; custom logo.
  • Double Stroller Types: double jogging stroller, double pushchair, city mini double stroller, double umbrella stroller, etc.

Double stroller advantages

  • Profitable. The choice of a double stroller will save money when other children are born, they can use the pram one more time without another one.
  • Convenient. Double strollers will absolutely be the best choice that you can place both of your children on the stroller, it will reduce the time and energy of looking after children.
  • Hassle-free travel. A double stroller is simple to carry your babies anywhere you go.
  • A wide array of styles and versatility. The double stroller has different styles and can serve twins. In addition, double prams can be designed additionally narrower than two normal prams to save place.
  • Strong and long-lasting. Double strollers are very durable and intense than any another stroller because it is often used to pretend two kids.