Every Thing You Should Know About Kids Bikes

Everything You Should Know About Kids Bikes

What is a kid’s bike?

Kids bikes are a great fun tool, and as a kids bike manufacturer, we are struggling a lot to manufacture the best and high-quality kid’s bike. These bikes are great and drastically better than other brands present in the market. Every part of the kid’s bike is according to modern technology.

Not only the material but also the look of the kid’s bike is fantastic. The children love the new look of the bikes from our company.

Many kid’s bike brands are present in the local market, but unfortunately, they do not offer the required quality and durability. We are delivering stunning and unique bikes, not only for small kids but also for adult kids.

The primary specialty of these bikes is that we are providing countless cycles with different cycling techniques. Our main focus is on quality, and we always give priority to the comfort of the user. We are struggling a lot in delivering the killer kid’s bikes for a wide range of cycling.

As children feel difficulty when the bike is heavier, we keep this in mind and make lightweight bikes with fantastic performance. Even they are light but come up with an outstanding build quality of the components. Along with excellent build quality, our team is also emphasizing the safety of the kids and learning coordination and balance.

It is a serious business to choose the best kid’s bike. There will be a premier cycling experience after purchasing the high-quality kid’s bike from our company. It is essential for the child’s comfort while cycling to get high-quality and stunning bikes for them.

As a kids bike manufacturer, our primary focus is on affordable bikes yet of excellent quality. Even for the kids, the manufacturers also emphasize a lot on the kid’s bike’s speed.

The material used for manufacturing 

In the past, steel was used for the manufacturing of bikes. But later on, the material of the kid's bike is aluminum, and the good thing is that its costs are coming down.

Now, the kids bike company has started producing high-quality bikes made up of aluminum. The next significant advance is being made by carbon fiber. It is a synthetic material that landed a few years ago in this sport. It has changed the way of manufacturing bicycles and components.

Types of kids bike

The kids bike manufacturers are manufacturing different kid’s bikes, so they are all ending up with other types. There are many types of children’s bicycles from which people can choose according to the kid’s choice and convenience.

1.Running bikes

Running bikes are made for the youngest and least coordinated kids. If the child is riding for the first time, it is a great way to restart with the running bike. Mostly the running bikes are also called balance bikes or push bikes.

These bikes are great fun learning machines. The kid’s bikes are a great way of boosting confidence in the kids. Many kids are inspired by running bikes as they are smaller in size, light in weight, and easy to handle.

Furthermore, these stylish bikes have nice wheels and tires with a sturdy frame. The seat and handlebars are also durable and attractive. These bikes do not have pedals, drivetrain, cracks, or brakes.

Keep in mind that they are specially designed for smaller kids to use their feet to push the bike. Pushing the bike with feet is a natural phenomenon, and also, the kids feel comfortable.

They are straightforward to operate, and even beginner kids can control them very quickly. Moreover, running bikes can easily be handled on the pavement. By running on these bikes, the kids feel safe and secure.

2.Pedal bikes

Nowadays, in the market, many pedal bikes are present that vary as much as adult models. These are breakless sidewalk bikes. Keep in mind that they are not intended for street use. When the child turns 8, he usually desires a BMX bicycle.

The reason is that these BMX bikes are capable of doing everything like going to school or the market. Kids enjoy performing different types of tricks with these BMX bicycles. With BMX models, the kids can do racing tricks, riding on dirt, jump, etc.

3. Balance bikes

As the name depicts, balance bikes are specially designed to learn balance while riding. Moreover, balance bikes assist in developing the necessary coordination for self-cycling at different rates. Balance bikes are so unique that even a two years kid can use them very quickly.

They teach an essential thing, which is a balance that even the training wheels can’t. Kids do not get motivation if they have no fear of tipping over. So when a child uses his feet to propel himself and brake, he will learn how to stay and counter strike. Balance bikes are also beneficial in shifting their weight and staying upright as they move forward.

4. Cruiser bikes

With time, manufacturers start diversifying different bike models in terms of complexity and style. Kids Cruiser bikes are generally used for casual riding around the neighborhood. They are the best way to do fun and entertainment. Some models have wider tires with single-speed modes to maintain better stability.

5. Road bikes

Road bikes for kids are specially designed for use on roads. Their frames and tires are specially manufactured for flat surfaces. There are many road bikes for children, such as flat handlebars for the upright riding position, aerodynamic posture for faster riding, or drop bar handlebars for a forward-leaning.

6. Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are more modernized and versatile than other types of kid’s bikes. Most surprisingly, they are equipped with various features such as wider and more durable tires to run on rough surfaces along with roads. So we can say that mountain bikes are all-terrain bikes that can run on any surface. Now our kids can also use these bikes on flat surfaces, especially with multi gears.

How to choose a kid's bike?

What wheel size is appropriate for kids?

The diameter of the wheel decides the size of the kid’s bike. The small size kids bike has a wheel’s diameter of 12 inches. On the other side, the maximum size kids bike has a wheel diameter of 24 inches.

If the kid can ride on the 26 inches, then it means that he is ready for an adult size. For the convenience of the kids, some manufacturers also manufacture smaller youth-size bikes of 26 inches.

Remember that small-size balance bikes have a wheel diameter of even 10 inches, but normally, most balance bikes’ wheel size is 12 to 14 inches. To determine which size bike is appropriate is dependent on the size of the wheels. However, the kids’ age and height also matter a lot when purchasing the kid’s bike. So the manufacturers take into account the kid’s age along with the average height.

However, on the other side, the child’s height is a little smaller or more significant than the average height of that age. So purchasing the kid’s bike must be according to his or her height. Don’t panic about which size is appropriate.  In the market, different size bikes are present and can suit kids of any age.

2. Measuring the child’s height and inseam

The next thing is to measure the child, and it is essential while purchasing the kid’s bike. Do not skip this step because then there might be a danger of buying the wrong size bike. Keep in mind that a child’s inseam and height should be measured in inches.

3. Pay attention to the specification of the bike

The specification of the bike is very important while purchasing. If the child requires a 14-inch bike, it does not mean that every 14-inch bike will fit them. The reason is that different brands manufacture bikes with different standover heights. So it is better to look for a bike that proves to be the best fit.

Many manufacturers do not mention the standard height for their bikes. So to solve this issue, comparing the child’s inseam is better. Now the question arises what the meaning of the standover height is. It is the height of the top tube of the frame of the bike.

So when the child stands with one leg over each side of the bike, we can measure the standover height. It means that standover height must be equal to the child’s inseam. Moreover, there must be a little more space than that for the child to sit comfortably for a perfect fit.

Keep in mind that the minimum Seatpost height must be lower than the child’s inseam length. When the minimum Seatpost height is lower, the child can easily put his feet flat on the ground. He will then be able to learn how to balance and scoot.

Suppose, if the child’s inseam is 12 inches, then obviously, the bike must have a 12 inch minimum Seatpost height. When the Seatpost height is lowered, the child will easily put his feet flat on the ground. This thing is beneficial in increasing stability. Also, the child will be able to run the bike better if he feels so inclined.

If the child’s inseam is two to three inches, then he would only touch his toes to the ground. Although he will not put his feet flat on the floor, he knows how to ride on the bike very quickly.


How long will the bike remain in good condition before the kids outgrow it? The quality components used in the bike will increase longevity. With time, the kids’ size increases, and then they have to move up size of a normal bike.

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