how to start Kid Bike Business

How to Start a Kid Bike Business?

Teaching a child how to ride a bicycle is a mandatory life experience for many families. Different bicycle types and sizes are required at different stages as kids grow older; this is why you will find so many bicycles in playgrounds, parks, and so on. Thus, children’s bikes are high in demand, which is good news for anyone interested in venturing into the business of selling bicycles for children.

For one who lacks experience in this niche and wants to know how to start a kid bike business, there are so many factors that need consideration to become a wholesaler of children’s bicycles. Failure will likely occur if they lack a comprehensive consideration. If you want to know how to be a good bike dealer for kids, read this article thoroughly.

Consider the bicycle brand

If you want to start a bicycle business for children, you must consider a brand or manufacturer with a long history. The first step to take to establish a brand for yourself in this niche is to make sure that the bikes you intend to sell are excellent in quality, novel in style, and competitive in price to profit from this business.

Establishing a good brand reputation is vital as you start this business. You will spend a lot of money and time to complement your faults if the brand value is not done correctly in the early stage of this business.

Ensure you research

Do comprehensive research before you venture into the sales of bicycles for kids. It would be best if you had to contact as many bicycle manufacturers for kids to understand how these bicycles are produced, the craftsmanship, the types of bikes available for kids, and so on. Doing this will minimize the difficulties you may encounter in the business’s early stage.

There are a lot of bicycles for kids you will find in the market, such as

1. Balance bikes

Finding balance is essential to ride a bicycle; this is why balance bicycles and children below two years of age became popular – they taught what training wheel bikes could not. Children will not be motivated to learn how to avoid tipping over when riding if they are not scared of tipping over. Using just the feet to move and hold brakes makes it easy for kids to learn how to make turns, reverse directions, stay upright and transfer weight as they move forward. Thus, balance bicycles, at the moment, are mainstream sales direction for bicycle dealers since

It is mandatory to understand the following precautions if you want to be a wholesaler of balance bikes:


Balance bicycles of different sizes must not be suitable alone for young children; it should also be ideal for people with special needs or adults interested in learning how to ride a bike. Considering this range, ensure the product size you want to sell is comprehensive.


Balance bikes are transitional bicycles for kids. Ensure the bikes you are offering are of good qualities since children are prone to fall and damage the bicycle during usage.

2. Big children’s bikes

To be a qualified dealer in this niche, comprehensive consideration of the product is mandatory. Children bicycles are of four standard sizes: 12”. 16”. 20” and 24”. To smooth the process/progress more, some brands have produced 14” and 18” versions. Even though bicycle manufacturers offer recommendations by age, it is still important to adjust according to each child’s height and weight since how they grow differs. Simultaneously, according to relevant data, the nutrition of kids is becoming better, and the size of their body is increasing gradually. Thus, as a good bicycle dealer, it is necessary to check if a manufacturer can produce large bicycles for children.

3. Cruiser bikes

Models of bikes for kids have diversified in style and complexity, except for children’s cruiser bikes. Cruiser bikes are one of the favorites of bicycle dealers because it is comfortable, fun, and suitable who nearby hangouts. At the same time, a lot of cruiser bikes are single-speed bikes featuring wider bicycle tires and higher stability.

4. Mountain bikes

Another popular product is mountain bicycle for children. These bicycles have wide and durable tires, bendable tread tires, ideal for riding off the road and can be used when sliding on flat surfaces, especially when multiple gears are used. Consider the following if you are interested in selling mountain bicycles for children:


The first professional bike for most kids is the mountain bike. The transition from sidewalk to the single track road may take some time. Bikes with more tire options will improve stability and traction as kids learn how to adapt to bumps and tilts when riding.


Just like road bicycles, the power transmission system is a standard feature on mountain bicycles for children. Good thing, since this feature is common in adult off-road vehicles.


Mountain bikes with cheap suspension forks will not work, so your first choice is to go for manufacturers know to produce good suspensions.

5. Small wheel and the middle wheel

To be a good dealer in this niche, you need a wide variety of products to sell; thus, you have to get involved in the size of the rim.

Mid wheeler is a term used to describe bicycles that features a wheel size in the middle of the backpack (normally 16 inches). Most bike manufacturers continued producing separate bikes for boys and girls, while smaller bike manufacturers directed focus to bicycle models that both boys and girls can use. There is no much difference at this stage. And as a dealer, it is more reliable to go for a manufacturing plant that can customize bikes to your customers’ needs.

Be ready to compromise

To progress in this niche, choosing a reliable bicycle manufacturer is essential. Also, it is crucial that you learn how to compromise in the process of negotiating with the bike manufacturer. The product design plan, the minim order quantity, logistics speed, as well as the product cost, are aspects prone to differences between both parties. Another critical point to consider is the distribution of benefits; it’s fine to compromise if the manufacturer meets your expectations in all aspects.

Avoid making mistakes

Before you venture into this business, do the following:

  1. If you have the time, carry out on-site inspections on the supplier’s factory. After all, most factories you see online are not real. Be careful when dealing.
  2. Ensure all the required qualifications are prepared. You may be suspended for rectification or fined by relevant bodies if the qualifications are not complete; thus, you may lose your investment.
  3. Ensure you understand relevant information about factories and products from different channels to prevent loss due to information asymmetry when you start the business.
  4. To prevent loss due to breach of contract, ensure you sign a complete supply contract with the supplier.

If you are also interested in building a bicycle production factory, here are some suggestions to consider:

1. Mold

You need good abrasives to produce bikes for children, and the cost for research and development of new abrasives is on the high side. You can consider the purchase of open molds to reduce the cost of operation at the initial stage of setting up a factory. A frame you can paste your name on. The good thing here is that you don’t have to spend money on additional research and development. The disadvantage of this is that your products may be very similar to other manufacturers.

2. Component

You can still go for open molds if you want to keep research and development costs on a low. You can find many parts with different qualities in the rich catalog, which are produced from parts with different carbon types, colors and weight parameters.

3. Hiring workers

It is mandatory to consider early operating cost in the early stage of setting up a factory. Labor cost is the highest operating cost for many factories in the early stage of opening a factory; thus, you should go for more automated assembly lines so you can hire only a few people.

The information in this post can serve as a guide on how to start a kid bike business from a dealer or factory’s perspective.

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