Custom Lightweight Stroller Wholesale

The lightweight pushchairs have become more and more popular since their portability and convenience. If you want to promote your baby stroller business, then don’t miss the Mstar stroller manufacturer, we produce the best lightweight stroller. At the same time, by using new materials, the Mstar stroller manufacturer can minimize the weight of the pram. Our lightweight stroller only weighs 4.9 Kg!

Mstar has a big modern stroller frame production base in China, as a reliable stroller manufacturer, we have more than 10 frame production lines, including hi-ten steel frame lines, carbon fiber, and new-material frame lines to produce lightweight strollers. All lightweight strollers have passed Japan SG certification, US CPSC, European Union EN standards, and so on, reaching the world’s top-quality level.

  • Min Order: 500pcs/solid color; 1000pcs/printed design
  • Main Material: Polyester; Cotton
  • Custom Options: size, weight, color, material, design; custom logo, private label, custom package.
  • Applications: home, shopping mall, living room, bedroom, park, office, outdoor, etc.
  • Lightweight Stroller Types: lightweight double stroller, lightweight travel stroller, lightweight jogging stroller, lightweight umbrella stroller, lightweight pushchair, etc.

Why Choose MSTAR Stroller Manufacturer?

  • Mstar baby stroller manufacturer has the world-leading intelligent spraying production base, we have more than15 painting lines, including high-grade painting lines, dustless painting lines which can supply many colors and patterns to people.
  • Mstar baby stroller manufacturer is focused on the quality testing of each product detail. Our quality control covers every aspect, prohibiting defective products from entering the next production step, and guarantees the quality of each product.
  • We are a baby stroller manufacturer with a high-end assembly line. At the same time, we have hired many skilled operators to meet the high requirements of customers. The high-end assembly line owned by our factory adopts advanced assembly technology to make the assembly and debugging of the stroller more convenient. accurate.
  • The Mstar baby stroller manufacturer can provide a variety of sizes of lightweight prams for baby stroller wholesalers to choose from.

How to Order Lightweight Buggy from MSTAR?

Through the product pictures displayed on our website, you can efficiently wholesale strollers. As a qualified stroller manufacturer, we have very good pre-sales and after-sales services. You can contact us through email and online chat.