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What is a Good Baby Stroller Manufacturer?

For a baby, there is no better ride than a stroller. The demand for baby strollers is growing rapidly. More and more people are planning to run a stroller business and want to make a big success. Then comes the question, What is a good stroller manufacturer? How to find a reliable stroller supplier? Fine, Today, let’s learn from the first one. Below are some points that a good pram manufacturer should have.

Laboratory Quality Test

A reliable stroller manufacturer must ensure that the stroller supplier is qualified. Usually, the pram manufacturer will have a dedicated quality inspection team to assess whether the stroller products meet safety standards.

The tester will use each stroller like parents, simulating the weight of the child during the test. At the same time, the tester will adjust the seat belt, backrest and wheel brake and repeatedly fold and unfold each model to pay attention to the folded size and weight .

After the static test is completed, the baby stroller must pass the dynamic test before it leaves the pram factory. The tester pushes each stroller with the baby model through the test route of the S-curve and drives it on the sidewalk between the cones. Go up and down on the curb, then over obstacles, including grass, mulch, and tree roots. Finally, testers conduct safety assessments through the stability and braking of each stroller.

Abundant Types of Strollers and Full Range of Customized Services

Babies of different ages are suitable for different types of strollers. As a person who wants to start stroller wholesale business, it is very important to choose a stroller manufacturer with a rich product line. A qualified baby stroller manufacturer can provide mainstream products such as single strollers, travel system strollers, umbrella strollers, combination stroller, car seat/stroller, convertible stroller, jogging stroller, double tandem stroller, etc.

If you want to choose a stroller manufacturer that can meet all customization needs, it should include the following customization content:

  1. Customizable seat material, seat depth, seat size, and seat installation orientation;
  2. You can choose whether to have the function of a car seat; the convertible design can be used as the baby grows, from the use of a car seat (or optional cradle, in some cases) for infants to use by infants expandable canopies;
  3. The specifications of children’s vehicle accessories can be customized, such as tire size, suspension material, etc;
  4. Additional structures for children’s vehicles can be customized, such as spacious storage baskets, retractable handlebars (especially useful when one parent is tall and the other is petite), some practical small objects such as cup holders or snack trays, convertibles and umbrellas .
  5. Conventional custom project: stroller color, pram size, pram logo, etc.

Complete Classification and Rating System

A good stroller company needs to have a complete purchase classification and rating system. If you want to start wholesale baby strollers, the most important thing you need to know is what styles of strollers are needed by children of different ages.

Newborn to 6 months

Babies at this stage need strollers that can be tilted to a nearly flat position. Baby stroller companies usually indicate in the function and specifications section of the stroller rating which models are suitable for babies 6 months and younger. The all-in-one travel system is also the main product for babies under 6 months of age. It consists of a baby car seat, a car seat base and a stroller. The travel system is very valuable because the stroller can be overtaken when your child grows up. It is used after the baby car seat, which is different from the car seat bracket frame. Some baby stroller manufacturers provide car seat bracket frames specially designed for car seat brands. This universal carrier can accommodate various car seat brands.

6 months to over 3 years old

Once the baby can sit up, customers are likely to take him on adventures and dates. At this time, pram supplier should provide baby strollers that are light, compact, strong and easy to fold up. Baby stroller manufacturers will indicate the weight and size of each tested stroller in the stroller rating to ensure that the stroller can be easily placed in the trunk or back seat.

In addition to classification and rating based on age, pram company will also classify children’s vehicles according to the areas where they are used. If customers living in suburban or rural areas want to engage in pram wholesale business, travel systems compatible with car seats or independent strollers are all Is the main sales product.

Strict Quality Inspection Process

Whether it is a stroller manufacuturer in usa, a baby stroller manufacuturer in China, or a stroller manufacuturer in Europe, there should be strict quality controls during the baby stroller manufacturing process. The following are some regular quality checks before products are shipped from the pram factory:

  1. Prams wholesale suppliers should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the rigidity of the frame of the stroller.
  2. Baby pram suppliers should check whether the brake or rotation lock mechanism is easy to use and the handle is comfortable. Whether the legs or feet will touch the wheels of the stroller when walking.
  3. For uppababy manufacturer, the uppbaby stroller must be easy to open and fold.
  4. Reliable baby stroller manufacturers check the mobility by adding weights (such as heavy handbags) to the stroller seat and then pushing the stroller.
  5. The engineer of the baby stroller manufacturer will test whether the product is easy to adjust the backrest and whether the seat belt is easy to fasten and unfasten before the product leaves the factory.
  6. Pay attention to storage space. If the customized product needs to carry a lot of equipment, please make sure there is enough space.
  7. The design team of the baby stroller manufacturer will bring the product model to different models of cars to ensure that it fits your trunk when folded.
  8. Stroller supplier should provide a comprehensive warranty and return policy to meet customer needs.
  9. Check the certification. All strollers produced by baby stroller manufacturers must comply with mandatory international safety standards, but for more peace of mind, please look for JPMA certification labels. This means that the Association of Product Manufacturers has certified that this stroller complies with the mandatory requirements as well as the additional requirements of the JPMA. At the same time, you can understand the performance of the stroller in the safety test by checking the rating of the stroller.
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