Wholesale Kids Bike in Bulk

MSTAR has advanced production equipment. The children’s bike we produce are made of stainless steel, so MSTAR kids bike manufacturer can provide customers with the strongest and lightest products. Owing to the rich industrial experience, MSTAR has been a noteworthy kids bike manufacturer in the market. In the past 14 years, MSTAR kid bike company has been focusing the high quality, lightweight, and custom kids bikes to global clients, and has gained a reputation as a cycling specialist. Working closely with global clients, MSTAR kids bike manufacturer is able to grasp the current kids bike market trends and manufacture the most popular kids bikes to kids bike companies, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors.

  • Min Order Quantity: 500pcs/solid color; 1000pcs/printed design
  • Custom Options: custom design, custom logo, private label, training wheels, size, color, pedal type, custom functions, braking system, etc.
  • Available Wholesale Kids Bike Types: running bike, pedal bike, balance bike, cruiser bike, road bikes, etc.

Why Choose MSTAR Wholesale Kids Bike Manufacturer?

  • Rich experience: MSTAR kids bike manufacturer has been focusing on kids cycle production since 2007. We have worked with excellent wholesalers and companies from all over the world, from Africa to Oceania, Europe to Asia. Our rich experience helps our company contribute to every customer’s success.
  • Competitive Prices: MSTAR kids bike manufacturer has its own kids bike factory in China, with lower labor costs and material costs, we are able to provide our clients with more competitive prices.
  • Superior Customer Service: MSTAR children bicycle company provides our customers with unbeatable service, while providing premium children bike at super competitive prices. MSTAR kids bike supplier works alongside our clients, big and small, to address their unique needs.
  • Timely Delivery and Quick response. MSTAR wholesale kids bike manufacturer has a revolutionary manufacturing process, we can deliver quicker than any of our competitors!

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